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Small Group

These classes are designed with the Believer in mind!
Small Groups were created to allow the Believer to develop life skills based on specific topics relevant to the partner. These groups/classes are helpful in creating a community for the Believers based on their specific interests. We believe developing a healthy community is a key component in learning how to live well and is a requirement of discipleship.

Marriage Talk:
Pre-Marital and Marriage Group

Couples will work through the foundational principles of marriage as shared in Bishop K. W. Brown's book, "Marriage Talk". This group is highly recommended for all couples, regardless of the stage of marriage you are in and it’s required for any couple intending to get married at The Mount as a part of their pre-martial preparation. If you’re looking for a resource that is candid, straightforward and practical to help you build or strengthen your marital foundation, this group is for you!

3rd/4th Quarter - 4 September - 9 October 2024 Zoom 
Sessions 7pm nightly
Contact Pastor Marcus Northam at
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SEED: Seeing Evidence Every Day

Seeing Evidence Every Day: SEED is a Kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you, the believer, SEE EVIDENCE of Christ EVERY DAY in your life. We believe you’ll see tangible evidence of who God is and respond fully to Him and who He has created and redeemed you to be. Through SEED you will learn foundational principles to Believe, Hear, Obey, and Trust God more.  SEED will assist the believer with grasping these concepts by helping them to explore their God-given Destiny, develop Godly Discernment, walk-in Kingdom Discipleship, and by encouraging Deliverance that has been made available to every believer!

Touch Point Thursdays

Join our Ministers as they bring in topics, discuss the Word of God, and connect with you! This will happen every 2nd and 4th Thursday!
Dates: Every 2nd & 4th Thursdays


The Pathfinders Ministry is a Christ-centered compass designed to meet the needs of the total person. Pathfinders serve to cover, care for, and connect with our partners by providing coaching, counseling, guidance, and support through the challenging or unchartered paths of life (grief, family conflict, mental wellness, spiritual direction, navigating through life’s purpose). We rely on the Holy Spirit, working together with partners and empowering them to discover and fulfill life-changing solutions.

The Pathfinders Ministry is looking for volunteers. If you are a mentor, coach, counselor or just simply called to help others navigate through life’s many changes, join us for the upcoming information session.

The Prayer Room

Are you in the need of prayer?  Do you have a prayer request?  Is there someone in your life that could benefit from prayer?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please join us on the 3rd Thursday of every month where the Mount Intercessors will be praying for anyone that tunes in.  They will be praying in general and specifically according to the requests that you type in the chat.  Also, if you cannot wait until then, but you would like our intercessors to pray for you, feel free to send your prayer requests to our Prayer Box.  There is always someone monitoring requests coming in and they will respond to you accordingly.  Click on the "Prayer Box" link below or email us at
Dates: Every Third Thursday
Monitored Daily

Women & Men

Women's Ministry

Focuses on the unique diversity of women from different eras with the hope of bringing uniformity and bridging the gap between young and old. It is the desire of the ministry to address trendy topics that provide understanding, insight and practical life application as a means of equipping women to become helpmeets as well as effective role models.
Each ministry moment utilizes the word of God as its foundational basis for which we stand. So, join us as we engage in authentic conversation and transparency that provides an awareness that leads to a greater comprehension of God’s word thereby grooming each of us for a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  
More information coming soon!

Men's Ministry

Attention all MEN of The Mount…we have a group JUST FOR YOU! It’s no surprise that men and women have uniquely different perspectives, but have you ever considered how different one man’s perspective can be from another? It can be as different as night and day! In this group, we explore varying perspectives of how to deal with real world issues that confront men of today. We value and respect everyone’s perspective and believe that it is through our differences that God will allow us to become iron sharpening iron. Join in on the conversation!
***Check out Mancave Mondays "in person"
every 2nd & 4th Mondays at the Signet Bowling Alley.***

Teens & Youth


***Recharge occurs EVERY Wednesday.***
***Also meets EVERY Wednesday at Signet Bowling Alley.***


***Mountaineers occurs every fourth Wednesday.***