Consecration Instructions:

Mount Global Fellowship of Churches

21 Days of Calibration: Prayer, Fasting & Worship

The Year of Positioning

CALIBRATE - To standardize; bring into conformity with a standard by
determining the deviation to ascertain the proper correction factors needed to
adjust precisely for a particular function.

Psalm 139:23-24: Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my
anxious thought. Point out anything in me that offends you and lead me along the
path of everlasting life.

Calibration Guidelines
1. This period of calibration prayer, fasting, and worship examine our hearts
and where we are in our relationship with God’s word and His standard for
our lives.

2. Establish a set time to worship and pray.

3. Join the daily prayer 6am via zoom (be intentional about starting your day in
corporate prayer)

4. Read and meditate on the daily scripture.

5.  Please consult your physician as necessary.
6.  The parameters for each week are the minimum required, if you could do
more than do so. Fasting is done unto the Lord.

7. Along with fasting and praying, you can use the Calibration Worship Playlist.
Apple Music:

Week 1 - Calibration in Prayer

- Fasting Food (liquids only) 6:00am-12pm
- Intentional 5 minutes in Worship.

Week 2 - Calibration in Witnessing

- Fasting Food (liquids only) 6:00am-12 pm
- Fasting from Shopping/Spending $$ (only purchase essential
- Intentional 10 minutes in Worship.

Week 3 - Calibration in Obedience

- Fasting Food (liquids only) 6:00am-2pm
- Limit Social Media Intake (ex. Fast 1 hour from SM or no SM
after 6pm) (may use for ministry purposes)
- Intentional 15 Minutes in Worship

Week 4 - Calibration in Purpose

- Fasting Food (liquids only) 6:00am-2pm
- Include Intentional Family time each day (i.e., meal together,
outings, reading bible verse, attending worship service, pray with children)
- Intentional 20-30 Minutes in Worship