I Boldly and faithfully declare that this is the year of Opportunity!

John 20:21 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.

As God releases opportunities in my life, doors will open that no man can shut.

Because of what I survived,  I CANNOT allow others to prevent me from going where God has commissioned me to go.

Every barrier that has been designed to deter me will be revealed, removed and replaced.

God’s Peace has given me victory over anxiousness and low self-esteem; I am a child of the Most High God!

My recognition of God’s Anointing on my life has released me to operate fully in my gifts for the Kingdom; Watch God use me!

The Kingdom Authority vested in me will allow me to be an atmosphere changer; I am a change agent for Jesus!

And because of this, I anticipate Acceleration in every area of my life; Normal processes and procedures will not and can not deny my entry!

How I have handled rejection, denial and “NO” in my past has qualified me for opportunities in my future

As God releases opportunity for me I will be positioned to create opportunities for others

I believe this season of opportunity will propel me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership into new levels of grace enabling us to take more territory for the kingdom of God in Jesus name.