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Dream BIG - Fear LESS!

Dream BIG - Fear LESS!: Is fear consuming your thoughts and affecting your ability to move forward? Do you know what it is that you are really afraid of? This group will help you to develop a greater understanding of fear and recognize how specific fears and their paralyzing attributes are keeping you stuck. It is designed to infuse you with the courage you need to dream big, live a life LESS impacted by fear and confidently complete kingdom and destiny assignments.

Girlfriend, You Need Some Boundaries!

Girlfriend, You Need Some Boundaries! - If you’ve ever been in a relationship and found it difficult to determine when to say yes or how to say no, you may be struggling with how to set appropriate boundaries. It’s not an uncommon issue to have given that many of us learn about boundaries through our early relationships and depending on who we were in relationship with, they may not have known how to establish healthy boundaries either. Which means we have a case of the blind leading the blind – now we’re all just bumping into walls! Boundaries are limits people set in order to create a healthy sense of personal space be it physical or emotional. Boundaries can help distinguish the desires, needs and preferences of one person from one another and BOUNDARIES ARE NEEDED IN ALL RELATIONSHIPS if you want them to be healthy. Join us as we explore how to develop healthy boundaries based on who God has called us to be! Group/Class Category: Life Class Schedule

Forgive’em Already! (Women only)

Do you feel like you struggle in relationships and are often misunderstood? Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m better off by myself because I just can’t seem to get along with other people, it’s just too much work!” If so, you may be dealing with a spirit of offence and not even know it!! Offense is one of those things that can block you from having the healthy, happy relationships God has designed for you. But the great news is, you can overcome your issues with offense and live in peace and freedom by simply deciding to “forgive’em already!’ While it may not be easy, it is possible. Let us show you how!

Marriage Talk: Pre-Marital and Marriage Group

Couples will work through the foundational principles of marriage as shared in Bishop K. W. Brown's book, "Marriage Talk". This group is highly recommended for all couples, regardless of the stage of marriage you are in and it’s required for any couple intending to get married at The Mount as a part of their pre-martial preparation. If you’re looking for a resource that is candid, straightforward and practical to help you build or strengthen your marital foundation, this group is for you!

MANdatory Perspectives

Attention all MEN of faith…we have a group JUST FOR YOU! It’s no surprise that men and women have uniquely different perspectives, but have you ever considered how different one man’s perspective can be from another? It can be as different as night and day! In this group, we explore varying perspectives of how to deal with real world issues that confront men of today. We value and respect everyone’s perspective and believe that it is through our differences that God will allow us to become iron sharpening iron. Join in on the conversation!

Seeing Evidence Every Day Course

SEED is a Kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you, the believer, SEE EVIDENCE of Christ EVERY DAY in your life. We believe you’ll see tangible evidence of who God is and respond fully to Him and who He has created and redeemed you to be. Join us in this Introductory Class as we introduce you to the SEED principles of how to believe, hear, trust, and obey God using Bishop Brown's 4 D concepts of Destiny, Discernment, Discipleship, & Deliverance. Come let us sow a SEED so that you may reap a harvest that will last you a lifetime!

Growing Through Grief

Have you lost a loved one and are finding it difficult to "grow" through this season of life? If so, join us for our Kingdom Life Group, "Growing through Grief". You will find a safe place, seasoned facilitators, and helpful resources to assist you with moving beyond simply "going" through your pain to "growing" through your pain. We are here to help.

Home-Buyers Class

Looking to buy a home and need a little help crossing all of your “T’s” and dotting all of your “I’s”? We have the perfect Kingdom Life Class for you! Check out our Home-Buyers Class and gain a basic understanding of home buying, learn how to budget and prepare for home ownership and get clued into the right resources to use to position yourself for completing the home buying process.

The Power of Forgiveness (Men only)

Forgiveness is under-rated. It is actually one of the most powerful tools God has given us to set ourselves free. Which is also why it can be one of the most challenging principles to fully operate in. Men, join us as we learn how to operate from a place of forgiveness and walk in the freedom and power God has given us as His sons.

SEED: Seeing Evidence Every Day

SEED is a Kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you, the believer, SEE EVIDENCE of Christ EVERY DAY in your life. We believe you’ll see tangible evidence of who God is and respond fully to Him and who He has created and redeemed you to be.
Through SEED you will learn foundational principles to Believe, Hear, Obey, and Trust God more.  SEED will assist the believer with grasping these concepts by helping them to explore their God-given Destiny, develop Godly Discernment, walk-in Kingdom Discipleship, and by encouraging Deliverance that has been made available to every believer!

The LIVING Word: A Virtual Visual Experience

Have you ever read a scripture and thought you might be able to understand it better, if you could “see” it? If so, you’re not the only one! Many of us are visual learners, so we decided to create a unique experience that allows us to not just hear it, but see it too! Join us for The LIVING Word as we bring scripture to life through hands-on visual learning experiences! Think of this as one part scripture exploration, one part Bill Nye the Science Guy and all parts equally Kingdom-focused and fun. This is a whole new way of exploring the Word! We hope you’ll join us for this #OATM virtual experience!

The Titus Touch: Titus 2 with a Twist Women's Ministry

Releasing Anxiety while Overcoming Rejection – Are you always comparing your circumstances or situation with others? No matter how much you do or how good you are at what you do, you still somehow feel like you don’t measure up. Do you sometimes feel inadequate for constantly seeking the approval of others while suffering from people pleasing? You don’t know what’s going on because you get offended or embarrassed when you are disciplined or corrected. If you’re trying to manage your emotions and frustrations that come with learning to release anxiety, then join us on The Titus Touch platform and let’s have a conversation.