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Marriage Talk: Pre-Marital and Marriage Group

Couples will work through the foundational principles of marriage as shared in Bishop K. W. Brown's book, "Marriage Talk". This group is highly recommended for all couples, regardless of the stage of marriage you are in and it’s required for any couple intending to get married at The Mount as a part of their pre-martial preparation. If you’re looking for a resource that is candid, straightforward and practical to help you build or strengthen your marital foundation, this group is for you!

MANdatory Perspectives

Attention all MEN of faith…we have a group JUST FOR YOU! It’s no surprise that men and women have uniquely different perspectives, but have you ever considered how different one man’s perspective can be from another? It can be as different as night and day! In this group, we explore varying perspectives of how to deal with real world issues that confront men of today. We value and respect everyone’s perspective and believe that it is through our differences that God will allow us to become iron sharpening iron. Join in on the conversation!

Seeing Evidence Every Day Course

SEED is a Kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you, the believer, SEE EVIDENCE of Christ EVERY DAY in your life. We believe you’ll see tangible evidence of who God is and respond fully to Him and who He has created and redeemed you to be. Join us in this Introductory Class as we introduce you to the SEED principles of how to believe, hear, trust, and obey God using Bishop Brown's 4 D concepts of Destiny, Discernment, Discipleship, & Deliverance. Come let us sow a SEED so that you may reap a harvest that will last you a lifetime!

Good Grief

Dealing with loss can be hard. Sometimes we only consider grief through the lens of death, but there are many ways to experience loss that can lead to grief. Join us as we provide some information and insight into how to grieve well. Whether you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one due to death or the loss of a relationship due to a divorce, we are here to help you. Get informed. Get educated. Get real. So you can get well!

God Bless These Twenty Somethings - Rooted in Wellness:

SZA said it best. Being a young woman today can be filled with ups and downs. Navigating adulthood for the first time is no easy task-- being pulled in different directions, trying to be your best self at school, at work, with friends, to your family, all while paying bills! This is why it's so important to be rooted in your identity and consistent in your wellness and self-care practice. This space is designed for young women to learn how to balance mind, body and spirit through yoga, meditation and journaling.

Mother’s Day Makeover Experience:

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a mom as a part of her Mother’s Day gifts? Why not nominate her to win a little “me time” and an amazing makeover? We are excited to offer some of our very special moms the opportunity to receive a Mother’s Day Makeover gift provided by Kingdom Life and Learning Groups at The Mount and Shear Luxury Salon and Spa! All you need is a little time to complete the nomination form on behalf of an extra special mom and she might just be one of the 4 amazing moms who will get a gift that will keep on giving…a little pampering and a lot of fun! What mom couldn’t use that?! Click here for more info and to register!

The CEO of Y.O.U. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, employer or employee, if you’re a woman with a mission, and a vision, and a purpose, this class is for you! Join award-winning business woman, and the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author and philanthropist, Dr. Angela Reddix, as she teaches women how to become "The CEO of Y.O.U.”.
This 90-minute workshop will provide you with practical tools, insight and wisdom to help you go after all that God has designed for you! Dr. Ang will demonstrate how God has strategically elevated her as she has used proven, Biblically-based principles to build her businesses and live her best life! Come prepared to work, learn, and grow together!

The LIVING Word: A Virtual Visual Experience

Have you ever read a scripture and thought you might be able to understand it better, if you could “see” it? If so, you’re not the only one! Many of us are visual learners, so we decided to create a unique experience that allows us to not just hear it, but see it too! Join us for The LIVING Word as we bring scripture to life through hands-on visual learning experiences! Think of this as one-part scripture exploration, one-part Bill Nye the Science Guy and all parts equally Kingdom-focused and fun. This is a whole new way of exploring the Word! We hope you’ll join us for this #OATM virtual experience!